Window tinting

Boasting over 20 years of experience with window tinting in Brisbane, there’s no other in the industry as passionate and professional as our team. Our services encompass everything from commercial offices and residential homes to cars and more. Basically, if there’s a window that is in need of tinting we are the best people for the job, not only for providing excellence and quality but also for our highly competitive prices.

3M Authorised Applicator

Reduced heat

Tinted windows can provide up to 45% more Solar heat rejection compared to untreated glass. Tinting your windows can create a more comfortable interior.


Stop fading

Window film greatly reduces heat and blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Your vehicle or home’s interior will thank you for reducing these two causes of fading.


Skin protection

By blocking out harmful UV rays, window film provides a defense for you against the harmful effects of the sun.


Cut out glare

Glare is annoying and can also be dangerous if you can’t see properly. Like quality polarized sunglasses our window tinting cuts out the glare.

Tec Tint has been a leading business in the industry for over 20 years. Our team prides it’s self in a top quality finish — it doesn’t matter what project they are working on. It might be a 1964 Corolla or the latest BMW, we will get a perfect finish every time.

We offer a range of quality American made window films, including 3M, Solargard and Suntek. Being a 3M authorised installer, all films come with a lifetime warranty certificate, so you can be assured you are getting value for your money.

The workshop is located at 326 Tingal Rd Wynnum (Crn. Glenora Rd), right near the Wynnum Train Station. We offer different film options to suit your budget, so that you get the best value. We tint everything automotive, windows in your home or office and privacy screening for your shopfront — If it’s made of glass then we can tint it.

  • Automotive tinting
  • On-site
  • Home window tinting
  • Commercial and shopfronts
  • Office and privacy screening
  • Anti graffiti and safety film

More then Meets the Eye

Introducing our films to the windows within your home will not only reduce the amount of UV penetrating the interior, but will also keep your house cooler in those blistering hot days. Our window tinting technology will also contribute to making your home much more energy efficient.

Our solutions come in a variety of options to ensure you receive the best solution available and all within your budget. We’re always available to impart our professional advice when required, and you can also rest assured all of our packages come with a lifetime guarantee.

Onsite Tinting Available

Whether you’re in need of tinting for a new car, a classic vehicle, a house, an office or even a shopfront, our team can provide you with exceptional results every time. We offer the best solution available to drastically reduce glare, fading, protection from UV as well as keeping you cool for both commercial and residential premises.

If you’re interested in our services or would like to find out more information about window tinting in Brisbane, please contact our friendly staff on today. Alternatively, complete our contact form with your enquiry or email us directly and we’ll get back in touch right away.

Automotive tinting

Have your car protected from the sun with window tinting. This can create a more comfortable interior by reducing the heat and shielding your vehicles interior from fading. We can offer a range of tints to suit your budget:

Price guide

Suntek Carbon CXP Ceramic
2 Door Ute $180 $260 $360
Dual Cab Ute $250 $380 $480
Hatch / Sedan $260 $390 $490
4WD / SUV $310 $440 $540

We have a number of different shades of film available, including darker than standard and lighter to go over privacy glass. Extra costs are involved if there is existing tint on the vehicle.

Please contact us on (07) 3348 6166 to discuss the differences in the films and for an accurate quote for your car.

Home window tinting

Have your windows tinted at home to stop that Queensland sun from heating up your house. You can reduce glare and UV rays entering your home and at the same time help reduce those air conditioning costs. Call now to organise an obligation free quote.

Commercial and shopfront tinting

If you need to increase privacy and keep out heat and UV rays then you should consider privacy tinting.

Anti-graffiti and safety film

3M Security film acts as a sacrificial layer that protects the glass and can be removed and replaced at a fraction of the time and effort to replace glass. 3M Anti Graffiti films are widely used for Retail facilities, where the aesthetics and image of the outlet are important to maintain at all times.

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