Wraps and signs

Commercial vehicle wraps

Vinyl wraps are a great way to advertise your business using the space on your commercial vehicles.  Whether you’re driving in traffic or parked at a worksite a vehicle wrap turns your vehicle into a moving billboard that advertises and helps promote your business 24 hrs a day. Vehicle wraps also protect your vehicle from damage and vandalism.
Vehicle wrapping can advertise your business far and wide. You may only want partial wrapping or a full customising of your vehicle, the possibilities are endless. Vehicles wrapping can be done on motorbikes, cars, trucks, vans, buses, caravans, boats and planes, literally anything with a smooth finish.

What is Vehicle Wrapping

This is the process of applying large vinyl sheets of graphics over the original paint work of the vehicle.

Step 1 is measuring the vehicle and designing the graphics which will be applied to the vehicle.

Step 2 is where the finished graphics are printed and laminated. This process helps to protect the graphics from abrasions and UV rays that over time will cause fading.

Step 3 is applying the vinyl to the vehicle.

Tec Tint Wraps and Signs has the latest Digital printing machine, we also use the highest quality 3M and Avery vehicle vinyls and the best quality Ink from Roland. Look out for cheaper wraps as the materials might not be up to scratch and de-laminate or fade in the sun. Ask lots of questions as you get what you pay for. Our staff are accredited and trained in the latest technology and methods with car wraps.

Vehicle wraps
3M Authorised Applicator

One-way vision

One-way vision advertising on the rear screen on your car is a great cost effective way to get the details of your business across. This can be part of a vehicle wrap or installed on its own. We have professional graphic designers and installers to ensure satisfied customers.

We can tailor vehicle wraps and rear screen signage to suit your budget. You supply the logos and the details and we can do the rest. It is surprising what effect you can have with wraps even on a budget.

Wall graphics, printed wall paper and custom frosting

We have the latest technology available for printing and can customise digitally printed wallpaper, wall decals and create custom frosting. These are especially effective in cafes and shopfronts but we now also offer custom printed wallpaper so you can have any picture you like printed and applied to the wall in your home, office, workshop, café or shop – the limit is only your imagination.

Company signs

Tec Tint Wraps and Signs offer a wide range of retail, commercial and industrial signs printed and cut to your specifications. You can choose images, logo’s, shapes or lettering in a wide range of colours to promote your brand name or business. The options are endless.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics can be installed in various locations like shopping centres, cafes, entertainment centres, nightclubs, museums, warehouses and industrial areas.  Roland’s print & cut technology means the graphics can withstand harsh environments such as the abrasion of high walkover areas and UV sunlight exposure.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners can be customised to make a statement for any occasion or location at a low cost. Vinyl banners are great for any celebration like birthdays, graduation parties, sporting events or promoting upcoming business events. Vinyl banners can be used indoors or outdoors and can include hems and grommets for easy hanging.

Window graphics

Wherever there is a window there is an opportunity for a window graphic. Create an aesthetically pleasing design or use window graphics for promotional purposes. Chose from the popular application using one-way materials which enables people outside to see your creative graphic, but those on the inside can see straight through it.

Mesh banners

Mesh Banners are made of a lightweight super tough Dura mesh that allows the breeze to pass right through the banner so are versatile against the outdoor elements.  You will find mesh banners used for sporting events, festivals, trade shows, concerts, construction sites, car yards and outdoor café areas.

Banner finishing and Fastening options available:

Standard eyelet – sewn: Metal eyelets are fixed around the perimeter and fastened in position using rope or ties.

Roped Edges:  Quality 6mm polyester rope is welded inside both the top and bottom hems of the banner.

Eyelet & Roped Edges:  This is a combination of hemmed rope and metal eyelets around the perimeter.
Velcro Edging:  Hook and loop fastening.

Canvas banners

Canvas Banners produce a higher quality printing design that is water repellent so you can remove any unwanted dirt or grime with a damp cloth. It’s fine texture is ideal for interior design as its tight weave produces higher colour rating and amazing design outcomes.

Café wind barriers

Our Café Wind Barriers come in a range of different Frames and Printing material options. Depending on your budget you can choose between digitally printed or computer cut vinyl onto different substrates and materials.

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